Since technology came in every single home our lives changed a lot. Today you can do everything online – from ordering your dinner to making money with Quantum Code. Whatever it is, every new appliance in our houses makes some activities easier but also holds some disadvantages.

Life Imitates Art With Deadly Consequences

  • Ex.1 – Reading Practice:  The Perfect (non) Crime?  (scroll to next box)
  • Ex.2 – Comprehension (Upper-intermediate +)
  • Ex.3 – Internet Research Task (Upper-intermediate +)
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Ex.1:  THE PERFECT (NON) CRIME? (Reading Practice)
One category of violent crime, which receives very little publicity, is the misuse of radio frequencies (RF).  In fact, it seems that in Britain this has yet to be categorised as a crime.  The American military use the term ‘Non-Lethal Weapons’, but they can be extremely harmful and possibly fatal in the long-term, because they are both subtle and silent.  Delivery can be directed at one person, or at a crowd.  Compared with the early descriptions, these methods are now becoming highly sophisticated and their popularity is increasing among various organizations;  the potential of RF allows any unpleasant individual, whether locally, nationally, or internationally, to incapacitate and/or even gradually kill people with impunity, as:

  • initial symptoms can be digestive & bowel disturbances, circulation problems, sharp pains, nervous disorders, or similar.  Death might eventually be due to organ failure, cancer, stroke; this means that deaths are assumed to be ‘by natural causes’ and cannot be proved otherwise
  •  these crimes are rarely (if ever) investigated, because there is no legislation against the misuse of RF and MW.
  • the victims are not usually believed by the general public, as the crime sounds too ‘far-fetched’, so they are automatically assumed to be ‘mentally-ill’.
  • identifying the culprit is almost impossible, due to any, or all of the following reasons:-
  • some victims never even realize that they are being targeted, and/or are initially unaware of the threat to their health;  on the other hand, former victims can be very aware and extremely sensitive
  • the perpetrators vary their modus operandi
  •  the weapons are varied, hard to detect, easily disguised and dismantled
  • the frequencies and waves can be varied, thus making detection more difficult (i.e. ultrasound, microwave, ELF, etc.)  All are silent.
  • the effects can often be felt, but can also be easily attributed to everyday aches and pains (i.e. a sharp twinge, a headache, joint pains, etc. can be blamed on age, exercise, lack of exercise, etc.)
  •  they can target just one person in a house full of people, so the victim is not believed even by close friends and family
  • electric meters, which are changed from one setting to another by a frequency signal, are often used to activate equipment by remote control.
  •  the perpetrators tend to act in gangs, many of whom are unknown to the victim (often referred to as ‘gang stalking’)
  •  they often utilize the victim’s own car, so exposure is continuous. All 4 sides of the car (inside and/or out) can be activated independently, or all together, in order to target the occupant, wherever they might be sitting, or even in their home.  Delivery of RF can by a longish, (extremely painful) ‘continuous’ stream from a narrow-bore pipe, or short bursts which give a stinging effect.   MW can be delivered indescriminately as a blanket coverage, regardless of who might be on the receiving end (illustrated effectively at  An RF meter can show what part of the car (if any) has been activated, although this will change according to where the car is parked, who is driving, etc.
  • they might even utilize the cars of innocent people living near to the victim.  Everyone should have an RF meter to check out their cars from time to time.  No-one thinks twice about a car breakdown as ominous, yet it usually means the vehicle being kept unattended overnight in a compound.

Whatever their reason, some people have always sought the perfect crime, because they do not want to get caught.  There will always be vicious people, who want to hurt others for reasons of greed, revenge, or simply for their amusement. Unfortunately, they now appear to have found a failsafe method.  Slower than a bomb, but just as cowardly, it might require a certain amount of time, effort and outlay on their part:-

  • They have to purchase the equipment, but cost can be kept to a minimum
  • They have to understand the equipment, so research is essential, unless they can afford to pay someone else to manage it for them.
  • They have to control the equipment and be around when the victim is at home, but this can be assisted by time-switches and automatic signals to the home (e.g. white meter control)

This is a problem on an international scale and a search for any of the following will turn up fascinating information, much of which has proved very useful for my research.  What I find most frightening is that the perpetrators do not care if the houses of others are in the line of  fire, as the frequencies pass through the walls and continue on.  This means that the victim does not even have to live next door to the perpetrator to have his/her home ‘invaded’;  in fact, all householders are at risk, whether in a detached house, a semi-detached, or a terraced property.  No property is safe from interference and no occupant safe inside – particularly if they use wireless frequencies in the home for their computing and telephone systems.

Defenceless victims can protect themselves by various means, e.g. cooking foil,  thermal blankets, reflective sun shields, etc.  Mirrors are particularly effective in knocking out the weapons used;  their effectiveness can be improved if rapidly moved around.  Success can be identified by the sound of a loud ‘thud’, which indicates the RF stream has not only been reflected back to the weapon, but has destroyed it.  Generally speaking RF equipment is not cheap.

  1. What is misused?
  2. How widespread are incidents of RF misuse?
  3. How many people do the British Police convict each year?
  4. Which types of frequency is preferred?
  5. What effects can be felt?
  6. What can be utilized as aids?
  7. How close must the victim live to the perpetrator?
  8. Which type of property affords the most protection from these people?
  9. What damage might RF do to victims?
  10. Can RF victims be easily identified from their ailments?
  11. What can RF victims use to protect themselves?

Answer Key

Find websites which give information about this type of crime, the effects on the health of victims, ways to identify RF misuse and how to counteract it.  You will also find a range of relevant references to other websites and reading material.  Some help is given below, but you might think of other search phrases, e.g. RF updates, new products, protection from RF attacks, etc.

  • Misuse of Radio Frequencies
  •   Misuse Of Microwaves (pictures are available at; Microwave components (friacs & magnetrons) are cheaply available on the net;  furthermore, discarded microwave ovens are often found in skips.
  • Gavreau (Sophisticated advances have been made since Gavreau but he initially recognised the possibilities)
  • ELF+RF+misuse (ELF = extremely low frequencies)
  • Non-lethal weapons (This is the official American category for these weapons, although they can often prove lethal eventually)

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  1. RF and MW
  2. locally, nationally, internationally
  3. None.  There is no legislation against the misuse of these frequencies.
  4. ultrasound, microwave & ELF
  5. twinges, sharp pains
  6. cars, electric meters, wireless telephone & computing apparatus
  7. It does not matter as the frequencies travel through walls & properties.
  8. None.  They are all at risk
  9. organ failure, cancer, digestive disturbances, nervous disorders
  10. No
  11. Cooking Foil, Thermal Blankets, Reflective Sun Visors, Mirrors.
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